You may have seen my work used by and or featured in National Geographic, Wired Magazine, Nike, Gizmodo, Disney, Forgiato, Digital SLR Magazine, The Huffington Post, Vice, NBC News, The Weather Channel and more.

Below are links to news articles, features, and press content.

Photography Features:

The Weather Channel (Mesmerizing Views of Night Sky)

My Modern Met (Rare and Stunning Views of the Glowing Universe Overhead) (Milky Way Over the White Mountains of California)

ChinaNews (China News Article) (China News Article)

Visual News (The Stunning Astrophotography of Michael Shainblum)

Design You Trust (Astrophotography by Michael Shainblum)

Fubiz (Astrophotography of Michael Shainblum)

Grakami Blog (Astrophotography by Michael Shainblum)

Timelapse Features:


Wired (Mind-Bending Kaleidoscopes Bloom From Mirrored City Time-Lapses)

Gizmodo (Whoa This Timelapse Of Reflected Cities Is Nuts)

Vice ('Mirror City' Shatters Everything We See in Iconic American Spaces)

Mashable (Dazzling Time-Lapse Shows Cities Through Kaleidoscope)

Huffington Post (Video Lets You Trip Out To Kaleidoscopic Views Of Urban Metropolises)

Teton Gravity Research (Last Call: Bob Burnquist, Mirror City, and Experiments in Speed)

Planet5D (Simply Astounding Timelapse Of Cities Turned Into Amazing Kaleidoscope Images)

Yellow Trance (Mirror City Timelapse by Michael Shainblum)

Fubiz (Mirror City Timelapse)


The Weather Channel (Mesmerizing Views of Night Sky)

Slate (Time-Lapse: “Existence”)

FStoppers (Existence- A Time-Lapse by Michael Shainblum)

Laist (Time-Lapse Contrasts L.A. & SoCal's 'Existence)

Santa Barbara Independent (Time-Lapse Awesomeness)


Union Tribune (Picture-perfect time-lapse San Diego tour)

Huffington Post ('Welcome Home' Reveals The Beauty Of San Diego)

Peta Pixel (Take a Trip to Beautiful San Diego, Time-Lapse Style)

Fubiz (Welcome Home Timelapse)

Into The Atmosphere On National Geographic

News Feature On Roger Hedgecock

My Photography On The Weather Channel

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